A bouquet of peonies Coral Charm - PRICE FROM

A bouquet of peonies Coral Charm - PRICE FROM
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  • Composition: peonies
  • Product Code: Пионы - Корал Шарм
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • 155.00 бел. руб.

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Pre-order only. We kindly ask you to order our flowers at least 7 days before planned delivery.

Проконсультируйтесь с нами по телефону (whatsApp, viber) +375 29 384-04-04 или info@kvetku.by о наличии букета перед тем, как делать заказ.

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    We deliver from 9 am to 9 pm in a two-hour interval. If you have a special case, this is the case where it is accepted.

    Shipping cost:

    The cost of delivery in Minsk within the Minsk Ring Road is 15 rubles.

    The cost of delivery on the Minsk Ring Road is calculated depending on the address and will be specified when paying.

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    Online card - when placing an order on the site.

    Cash / card - in our store .

    Cashless payments. Payment Erip .

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It is better to clarify the exact cost and availability by calling +375 29 384-04-04.

Peony Coral Charm - bright, large, expressive. Changes your coral color to light in 3-5 days.

In each delivery, the peony may have different bud colors depending on the season. Changes in a flower may occur faster or slower. This gives unpredictability and uniqueness to each dead man's bouquet with peonies. It is important to consider these features when placing an order!

If this variety is not available, we will call you and offer to replace it. If its availability is important, then it is better to contact us by phone (whatsApp, viber) +375 29 384-04-04 or info@kvetku.by about availability before placing an order, how to place an order.

Bouquet composition:

  • Peony Coral Charm 15 pieces (as in the first photo).

When arranging a bouquet of peonies, please note that due to their low bloom time, these flowers may bloom quickly during delivery or when assembling the bouquet. Please take this fact into account when choosing a bouquet and delivering it. Also pay attention to peonies delivered from Holland to Minsk, which may be present during transportation. Due to this, flowers may arrive in bloom. We guarantee the quality of our bouquets and are ready to pay for your order upon request before delivery, so that you can be sure of the freshness and beauty of the flowers.

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